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Floor Sign/ Q-Stand

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  1. IMEC A Floor Sign

    IMEC A Floor Sign

    p>Wording: Cleaning In-Progress / Pembersihan Sedang Dijalankan

    Model: IMEC A Floor Sign
    Product Code : 308-0626
    Dimension : 29.3 (L) x 3.6 (W) x 66.5 (H)
    Height: 25''

    Wording: Cautio Learn More

  2. IMEC Floor Sign IMEC AS33L & IMEC AS33P 33 inch (Yellow)

    IMEC Floor Sign IMEC AS33L & IMEC AS33P 33 inch (Yellow)

    p>Wording:Wet Floor / Awas Lantai Licin

    Model: AS33L
    Product Code : 308-0640 (out of stock)
    Name : IMEC Floor Sign
    Dime Learn More

  3. IMEC SC91 Safety Cone

    Safety Cone Sign, IMEC SC91 - Safety Cone Sign, 91cm (Height)

    . Durable and extendable safety cone 2. Free standing with low-centre gravity 3. High visibilty 4. Warn people of condition hazards; suitable for damp areas and outdoor purpose 5. No parking & Wet Floor out of stock Learn More

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